Nuclear Power Plant

Troublesome latitude and meticulous technology management

Turning the eye into New Business Area that requires high technology and managements, Mytec is aiming to expand business fields to Nuclear Power Plants.
Approved Q Class of KEPIC(Korea Electric Power Industry Code) in 2010, Mytec Was finally deserved to participate in the Nuclear Power Plant Business in Korea. Continuously investing R&D and experienced Engineers, Mytec has put great endeavor to promote and join the projects.
Then Mytec finally received the Orders of radiators, Plate type heat exchanger and Heaters for Emergency Power Generator from Korea Nuclear Power Plant. Starting by this experience, Mytec Will do utmost efforts in Order to provide the various and better Services and technology to the Customers.


Plate Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Air Cooler / Radiator Pressure Vessel / Tank