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Mytec Quality Control
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It is you who is the main contributor to the quality control activities of Mytec.

Quality management We have established a systematic quality system, quality management, and improvement activities in order to provide products and prompt services that meet the needs of our customers by securing various product groups. Mightech Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and is committed to the highest quality products and guarantees by following the prescribed procedures. In addition, various classification (ABS, DNV, LR, KR, NK, BV, etc.), we operate quality assurance programs in all processes from order to design, development, production, and servicing.

Based on the principle of environment-friendly, people-oriented management, MYTEC Co., Ltd. has been implementing environment, safety and health management (HSE) by acquiring ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system and OHSA18001: 2007 health and safety management system.

MYTEC Co., Ltd. regularly conducts health check-ups for the health management of employees, and manages the health check-up data of in-house employees such as personal health status and work bottles. HEATH, SAFETY, ENVROMENT and ORIENFED management systems will improve safety and quality of life for employees, prevent industrial accidents, and keep everyone in good health for a pleasant and pleasant working environment. is.